PAM Magazine – Dynasty continues launch boom with CA team

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Dynasty Financial Partners has secured its second breakaway team of the week, as the launch of independent financial advisory firm One Wealth Advisors was announced.

David Steele and Jonathan Steele, formerly of J.P. Morgan Securities, unveiled their San Francisco-headquartered firm One Wealth Advisors, launched in partnership with independent advisor platform Dynasty Financial Partners.

Prior to the creation of One Wealth Advisors, David and Jonathan Steele ran a financial planning practice at J.P. Morgan Securities, the wealth management division of J.P. Morgan. Fellow former colleagues Alexander J. Schmitz, Kevin M. Cohen, and Samuel A. Stephens all join from J.P Morgan, taking on the roles of director of financial planning, director of operations and senior client service associate respectively.

In addition to being CEO of One Wealth Advisors, David Steele is an entrepreneur in numerous businesses in lifestyle, health and wellness, and arts and entertainment in San Francisco.

“Our clients want a deeply personalized approach to financial planning,” he said. “Our move to independence is driven by our desire to offer our clients flexibility, responsiveness, opportunity and the ability to offer a far more complete and tailored approach. We will be free to collaborate with handpicked independent specialists and develop and implement options tailored to the client – with no conflicts.”

Based in San Francisco, California, One Wealth Advisors works with high-net-worth clients including corporate executives, retirees, small business owners and foundations.