Here are some common questions we have heard from people trying to select a firm. We encourage you to direct any additional questions to us here.

What is a fiduciary?

A fiduciary has the highest ethical obligation to put your interests ahead of their compensation and any other considerations. We are a fiduciary – this is fundamental to our ethos and we would not have it any other way.

What is the difference between what One Wealth Advisors does as Financial Life Planners vs. What a traditional Investment Advisor does?

While One Wealth is an investment advisor, we believe a traditional investment advisor focuses most of their energy on your investment portfolio.  We use the term Financial Life Planner because we feel that an investment portfolio is a necessary but small part of your financial life. We believe that every area of your life should be considered. Our team develops an overarching, holistic, strategic life plan for you.  By focusing on your overall life we can align your financial goals with your existential ones, liberating you from layers of stress and saving you a lot of valuable time so that you have the freedom to live the life you deserve.

What is the mission of One Wealth Advisors?

Our mission is to enrich your life by offering individually tailored comprehensive financial solutions in simplified steps that deliver specific, long-term results.

What makes One Wealth Advisors different?

  • We are completely independent and act in your best interest.
  • We are a fiduciary, always putting your interests ahead of our compensation and other considerations, and we are bound by our ethos and law to do so
  • We invest our resources in areas focused on our client’s specific needs, not those of a large organization
  • We capitalize on opportunities and resources only available to smaller firms
  • We work as Financial Life Advisors, offering enhanced, personalized service to enrich your life
  • Our team, along with our vetted external partners, collaborates with members of your current Advisory Network to ensure we have a full, unified picture of your personal situation, in alignment at all times
  • We create solutions that account for all of life’s variables including; risk management, your specific tax situation and personal objectives, lifestyle, current holdings, family makeup, and future aspirations

How does an independent firm provide such comprehensive services?

We are not tied to a single provider.  We exceed client objectives and expectations by tapping our diverse resources from the financial industry’s leading companies to deliver focused, personalized solutions – we are not beholden to a single large financial institution so we can do business with any organization necessary to meet our clients’ needs.

What role do your vetted partners play?

As an independent firm, we have the freedom to choose the strategic partners that best serve our clients.  Our partners are carefully vetted to offer experience, integrity, proven results, and to help cover every need our clients may have – no matter how esoteric it may be.  We LOVE being a small firm, but our outside partners provide us with global-scale resources including the largest banks, financial services providers, and advisory firms, giving access to the world’s top capital markets, lending arrangements, investment banking relationships, asset management, risk mitigation, as well as estate and tax planning strategies.

What technology do you use?

We offer our clients access to the latest collaborative wealth management tools through our open architecture platform including: multiple custodial services, contact management and financial planning systems, investment analytics technologies, financial plan generation, multi-source institutional investment research, data aggregation, and performance reporting systems.

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