Managing Partner

David Steele

As the Founder and Managing Partner of One Wealth Advisors, David sets the strategy, vision, and culture for the firm, leveraging his nearly 30 years in finance and as an entrepreneur.  A person of many interests, he manages to balance logic with creativity through his varied unexpected activities.  David has worked hard to help build a firm that acts as a true fiduciary for their clients, always placing the interests of those they serve above everything else with the bottom line always being to try to help people lead happier and more peaceful lives.

Though his primary role is as Founder and CEO of One Wealth Advisors, he is also the Founder and a Principal Partner in the Ne Timeas Restaurant Group and an avid supporter of local arts and cultural organizations including his work on the board of Playground, a non-profit playwright incubator and his work on the board of Zero Food Print, an organization that works with restaurants all over the world that are committed to fighting climate change.

Constantly on the move, often with his iPhone to his ear, David can be found alternately wandering the streets of New York City or snowboarding the backcountry runs of Tahoe. Contrary to popular belief, he actually does sleep.