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Work Hard, Play Hard

By May 8, 2024May 15th, 2024One Wealth Perspectives

For those who have yet to visit the One Wealth Advisors office on Valencia Street, situated above a knife shop, let me paint you a picture. We occupy an open, well-lit room adorned with long French-style windows. Each person has their “unofficial official” desk, equipped with monitors the size of small televisions (I personally love my big monitor). Art curated by David Steele line the walls.

Here’s something you may not know about the office: there’s a lot of laughter. Amid money movements, spreadsheets, client meetings, emails, and the intense focus some tasks require, we are playing. I don’t mean play in the sense of games, although we do enjoy the occasional mini-golf or bowling outing. I mean it in the sense that we enjoy being playful with one another.

We take turns choosing music for the speakers and tease one another’s music taste (we always know when Frank is in town because we’re suddenly transported to the sixties). We argue over light or dark roasted coffee for the coffee machine (there tends to be a generational divide here). Kevin is constantly challenging David Santos to a game of tennis or another sport. 

It turns out that play is vital in workplace culture. Engaging in playful interactions contributes to a sense of psychological safety, which in turn enhances communication and facilitates learning. Play also helps decrease stress levels and prevent burnout, tapping into states of flow and creativity that encourage innovation.

The other day, when Tessa was working from home, she asked how the office was. I had a slew of stories to share, including the mysterious case of the missing bathroom key and various amusing comments from teammates. Upon reflection of that conversation, I realized I deeply appreciate that playfulness is a valued aspect of our workplace culture.

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