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Welcome Back! You Have 3,867 Unread Emails.

By June 6, 2023February 2nd, 2024One Wealth Perspectives

Oh, that familiar feeling of dread returning to your inbox after a week of being out of office. How do you avoid the inevitable feeling of drowning in a pool of emails when you return? Is it easier to just check your inbox while on vacation, or can you completely disconnect and say “Check ya later!” to work?

I was fortunate enough to get away with my family to Hawaii a couple weeks ago and it was the first time in a long time that I forced myself to disconnect from work. I admit, there were some mornings when I would check my email, only because my husband and toddler were able to sleep in (curse you, internal clock!). But, outside of those early mornings, I was able to give my family 100% of my attention and time and be completely present in the moment.

Not only was I able to create magical and meaningful memories with my family, disconnecting from work gave me the opportunity to rejuvenate and recharge my mind. It was only after I returned that I looked back on my trip and realized how important it was for me to live in the moment and allow my mind to focus on what was in front of me.

At One Wealth, we have created a culture that fosters teamwork and puts an emphasis on work-life balance. I was able to take a much-needed vacation because I know I have a team that is there for me and ready to help our clients. While some people have a hard time disconnecting from work, sometimes disconnecting can give us the chance to unwind, de-stress, and cultivate a healthier state of mind. Stepping away from work can provide an opportunity to gain new insights and perspectives and by immersing ourselves in different environments, cultures, and experiences, we broaden our horizons which can inspire creativity, fuel personal growth, and enhance our problem-solving abilities.

So, as daunting as those 3,867 emails are, you could remind yourself that dealing with them later could be totally worth it!

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